Yoga for Children

   DSC09413_bw (1)Why Yoga for Children?

Yoga is a wonderful opportunity to combine fun, creativity and physical fitness with relaxation to achieve well-being.

When teaching Yoga to children, a series of yoga postures is embedded in an exciting story. Your children will have the opportunity to improve their ability to concentrate and focus, their speaking and listening skills, their social skills, and their  coordination and balancing skills.  Their flexibility and fitness will grow.

Yoga for Children offers new ways to learn how to relax and improve peer relationships without competition. In Yoga there is no comparison because every child has its own abilities and limits. In my courses children will be empowered to:
– strenghthen their bodies through Yoga postures like the crow, the spider, the peacock, and others;
– learn how to slow down, concentrate and focus on body consciousness;
– learn to relax with the help of breathing techniques and calming skills.

The most important thing, however, is that they enjoy the classes.



I have trained with Thomas Bannenberg, one of the most experienced Yoga teachers for children in Germany. The focus of this basic training was on the pedagogy and methodology of teaching yoga to children; on important aspects of children’s anatomy, development psychology and neuropsychology; and on how to communicate and interact with children.

Thomas Bannenberg has been a teacher and trainer since 1987. He founded the children’s yoga academy in Heidelberg.

Courses will start in August – sign up now!

Tuesday 03:00 – 04:00 p.m. for children starting from 3/4 – 4/5 years of age
!!! NEW COURSES STARTING August, 8th 2017 !!!
At Edda & Co., Erich-Zeigner Allee 64a, 2. floor of the Stöhrwerk.

Thursday 04:30 – 05:30 p.m. for children starting from 6/7 – 10 years of age
!!! NEW COURSES STARTING August, 10th 2017 !!!

At Edda & Co., Erich-Zeigner Allee 64a, 2. floor of the Stöhrwerk.


For children whose families are not able to afford this price I give two places for free. Please contact me via email if you are in need.



Class: 7 €
Private training session: 45 €

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