About me

„At least we should know that all what we think and all what we do is affecting the world all the time“   Yoko Ono

I was born in Leipzig. I studied fashion design, art and management in Milan, Berlin and Leipzig; I have lived and worked in the United States, France, Italy and India. Sports and physical exercises, in a wholesome way integrating body, soul and spirit, have always been an important part of my life.
On the physical level, everything began when I was seven years old. I practiced track and field and volleyball, later adding jazz dance, karate, capoeira, Tai Chi and various styles of Yoga.
Then I discovered Ashtanga Yoga – my Yoga favorite! I trained with SRI. M. SUREDRANJI in Kozhikode, India, and became a certified Ashtanga teacher in 2014.
Since my return from India, it has been my great desire to share this ancient and holistic knowledge both as a yoga teacher and as a personal trainer.
I started the inner journey towards myself at the age of 21. Since then I have been working constantly to expand myself, psychologically and spiritually.
I’m interested in people and their approach to life. Through this ongoing exploration I have received a more holistic and universal understanding of life and become acutely aware of the balance needed to lead a happy and healthy life.


I derive great satisfaction from sharing with others my abilities and my life force. I strive to encourage my clients (and everyone around me) to increase their awareness of our human need to engage with our bodies and minds.
To me this engagement means a physical and a mental challenge, fueled by creative competence to build self esteem as well as respect for others.

I would like to support you in reaching your personal goals on aphysical and mental level.