Personal Coaching

What are you looking for?

Are you stuck, are you missing something in your life?

You wish …

more meaning & liveliness

more serenity & clear mind

more mindfulness in everyday life

more strength & energy for you & your relationships?

I will help you in combining your life with mindfulness & liveliness every day. I support you in exploring your personal concerns in detail, making decisions based on clarity & developing your values ​​that can help you to make more sustainable & healthier decisions for yourself & others. I will challenge you to sharpen your spirit, to open your soul to lead you into your full strength!

Individually designed for you, we will create a holistic plan  – together we will focus on your physical, mental and emotional needs and wishes.

Dealing with our body and mind gives us the opportunity to free ourselves from stress, blockages and old patterns, to release tension and firmness, to open the body to a fresh mindset through intensive training, conscious reflection and integration work. Alos, you will find more energy and strength, self-respect and emotional balance.

My personal coaching is a mixture of mental training & reflection, small & challenges of courage, meditation & yoga, endurance training & breathing techniques.

How do I work?

Your life as a whole
My approach works with an integral approach, which means we look at your current life from different perspectives. That your projects can have a sustainable and positive effect in all areas of your life, it is really important including all aspects – everything is interrelated.

The first thing we do in a personal conversation is determining if we match. Then, we discuss your ideas and wishes, complaints and challenges. These results of a first anamnesis and your personal plan, can be adapted to your progress and redesigned again and again. I use my network and work closely with colleagues, recommending you to people who can help with specialized questions – for example in the field of psychotherapy, sports physiotherapy, ostheopathy, etc.

In the ideal case, you will emerge from the process as freely and grown-up as you never could think of!


Where & when?

Where and when does our training take place?
You have the opportunity to work at the location of your choice, in your private rooms or in my studio at Erich-Zeigner-Allee 64a.


And what else?

Please write me an email to and we will arrange a phone appointment.