Personal Training

What I offer

Your personal needs and wishes may vary. Perhaps you feel burned out and empty and want to find a way back to your self. Perhaps you are looking for more relaxation or more physical and mental agility. You may wish to increase your energy level and motivation in your job or private life. Or you may just wish to increase your level of physical activity. Together we will create your own individually tailored training plan based on which I will accompany you mentally and physically in achieving your goals.
Engaging with body and mind allows us to free ourselves from stress, blocks and life-threatening patterns; to release tension and hardening; and to energize the body through intensive training and mobilization. Energy and strength as well as self-esteem and emotional balance will increase.

My approach to Personal Training can include the following elements:


Endurance Training

While training the stamina, you will strengthen your heart, blood circulation and muscles.
My workouts are diversified and intensive. You can choose from jogging, walking, cycling or Power Yoga. An effective endurance training will combine physical exercise with joint-friendly techniques.

Cross-Fit Training

Strengthening the muscles in a multitude of exercises will activate large and small muscle groups, improve heart and circulation, and correct posture. A good warm-up and final stretching periods will define the body and increase muscular flexibility. I offer an intense and diverse power circuit in small groups or individually. Your own body weight and some tools will make for an effective cross-fit training.

Power Yoga

Power Yoga is a very potent type of yoga. You will gain increased strength and energy, define your body and revitalize your cardiovascular system. The versatile coordination exercises enable increased balance and internal stability.

Sivananda / Ashtanga / Hot Yoga

Sivananda yoga follows a strict chronological structure and connects detoxification, body training and relaxation. Ashtanga Yoga combines these three aspects through a systematic and intense breathing flow. Your body will be toned and become more flexible, back problems and tensions will dissolve and your mind will calm down.


A self-developed and very dynamic mix of dance, yoga and classic gymnastics elements. This versatile and creative fitness training can be included in any workout. It will strengthen your body and improve your coordination.


My approach

In a personal conversation, we will first figure out whether your needs and my approach match well. Then we will discuss your ideas and wishes, complaints and problems to design your individual training plan. We will adjust and redesign this plan according to your progress as often as needed. In case of specific needs related to allergies, scoliosis, physiotherapy or osteopathy I will draw on my network to recommend the appropriate practitioner to you.


Place and time

You can choose whether you would like to train at studio Edda & Co. (Erich-Zeigner-Allee 64a) or in your home at a time that suits your personal schedule.


by arrangement