Are you present?

We are so often in the past or the future – a prescription of unhappiness – we are in a form of autopilot doing things very automatically, but the happiness and satisfaction we are looking for is not to be there. It can be only found in the very moment. So concentrating more on past and future will make us miss our lives!
All of us are really busy so how do we get mindfulness into our lives?
There is no one right way to do this but certain ways in which we cultivate awareness can be valuable. One way we might bring our awareness to is the body: remembering to feel us, our lives, unfolding in the body instead of only in our head.

If you realize that every moment is your live, then, even in very stressful situations you can move into the actuality of the situation and find ways to move with it and regulate your own activitiy to it, so that in some very very deep way you are not running away and pushing through anything but allow things to unfold as they do that is the heart of creativity and that way we get the most work done with with the least distraction and least effort.

It is an artform, it takes some time to learn,
It is one of the most or the most difficult things to do for us human beings in our world: being present in our own lives, and being kind and less judgemental of ourselves.That is why it is worth doing, is worth practicing – it is not a way of doing in the sense of getting things done but more of a being – actually a way of being awake of yourself.


The interest for mindfulness trainings is raising. In companies this topic is growing. Companies can book a unique workshop or also regular appointments of mindfulness or trainings integrated into their everyday structures and company habits.

Also universities show an tremendous interest in such trainings. I am trying to integrate mindfulness into the regular operations and classes of two universities in Leipzig.

Also schools could start to think about this topic and about implementing possible mindfulness habits, rituals into their school operations or into the classes e.g. in the beginning or during class. I am open to get in contact with schools and offer a first introduction for free.

All workshops I am offering in German, English or Italian!
All other institutions or private klients have the possibility to arrange a personal appointment!